June 2016: The Spiral

The Spiral

by Stuart Cleland

This puzzle turns in two directions. The spiral's Inward clues yield a sequence of words to be entered counterclockwise in the spaces from 1 to 100. The Outward clues yield a different set of words to be entered clockwise from 100 to 1. Fill in the answers, one letter per space, according to the numbers besides the clues. Keep track of which way you're going, and have many happy returns.

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1-4 Alien-seekers’ acronym
5-7 Countdown starter
8-12 Xbox enthusiast
13-18 “I ___ tell a lie”
19-26 Small glass disk in a stained glass window
27-33 August meteor shower
34-40 Oakland’s county
41-46 Taxonomic subdivisions
47-53 From an ethical point of view
54-59 Two-time Oscar winner Wiest
60-66 Leading power
67-70 Four-time Cy Young Award winner Maddux
71-75 U.S. military base on Cuban soil, familiarly
76-80 Fictional creature in a Lewis Carroll poem
81-84 Brusque
85-87 Johnny ___ and Billy Yank
88-95 Large-eared ruminant of the American West: 2 wds.
96-100 Dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter


100-97 Dry as a bone
96-91 Historic Colorado mining town
90-80 Vehicle loaded up at a sawmill: 2 wds.
79-74 1996 Mel Gibson/Rene Russo thriller
73-68 Pooh’s bouncy pal
67-63 Kitschy garden statue
62-56 Hellish abode
55-51 Pastoral poem
50-46 Bakery emanation
45-38 Traitor
37-30 Interpreter of ___ (2000 Pulitzer winner)
29-22 Drove away, as insects
21-16 Kramden’s sidekick
15-11 Mother of pearl
10-1 Minerals that can become lodestones