Flashback on the 15th-August 1981


Flashback to 1981

Hey all you long-running GAMES fans! We're back with something a little different that we think you'll enjoy. Every 15th of the month, we will be featuring a puzzle previously published going as far back as 1980! You can solve online, but if that's not your thing, we've also provided a printable version.

Remember, this puzzle was published in 1981, and a lot may have changed since then.

We hope you enjoy August's puzzle!

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Ad Astra

Why is Henry Fonda’s name a household word? Because of his many performances on stage and screen? Or because he’s the father of Jane? Ask any baby of the TV generation and you’ll get another answer: he’s the one in that cat commercial. Can you recognize these other celebs who have appeared in TV ads?

1. He “prescribes” decaffeinated coffee.
2. She sings about a charismatic chicken.
3. Former TV rancher who pushes dog food.
4. This husband and wife team appeared in an aperitif ad.
5. Former M*A*S*H actor who inserts a cookie in a slot machine.
6. Trash bag’s hefty comedian.
7. Tall, good-looking beer drinker who wears spurs.
8. Suave Hispanic who encourages us to buy automobiles.

From TV Ad Trivia Quiz Book (A.S. Barnes & Co.) 1980 by John DiPrete.

Published in GAMES, July/August 1981