Games World of Puzzles August 2022

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…From the Editor

Maybe your summer plans include one more getaway—but even if they don’t, this issue of GAMES WORLD OF PUZZLES is the perfect companion for your August activities. Whether you prefer beach reading or backyard puzzle-solving, we’ve got both in one convenient package.

If you’re in the mood for a good read, turn to “Rookie Mistakes & Memories” (page 34) by Donna Talarico. Like many of us, Talarico turned to puzzle-solving during the pandemic and began taking a special interest in crosswords. She decided to take the plunge this year and enter her first American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (ACPT). Reading about the fun times she enjoyed and the camaraderie she experienced as an ACPT rookie might inspire you to sign up in 2023!

Next, staying on the subject of crosswords, turn to “Puzzles & Possibility” (page 40). In this Q&A, our own Raymond Simon talks to the editorial team of Inkubator Crosswords about their new book, Inkubator Crosswords: 100 Audacious Puzzles from Women and Nonbinary Creators. The puzzles in this book are all the work of women and nonbinary constructors—two groups who are sorely underrepresented in the crossworld. Don’t skip this interesting exchange; you might even want to check out the book itself.

Those who prefer summer puzzling will want to check out “August Trivia” (page 38), a quiz by Raymond Simon. This eclectic mix of questions is tied together by an August theme. It’s tough, so don’t get hot under the collar if you can’t answer them all.

Finally, our Pencilwise section is packed with puzzling goodness. Fans of logic will want to try “Tents” (page 30) and “Futoshiki” (page 49), both from Keesing Media Group. Word lovers will enjoy two fun crossword variants: Todd Kreisman’s “Double Duty” (page 29) and Patrick Berry’s “Rows Garden” (page 55).

So settle down in the perfect spot on the beach or next to the pool, pick up your pencil, and start solving!

Jennifer Orehowsky
Senior Editor

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