Games World of Puzzles April 2024


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…From the Editor

Spring has sprung, and so has the April issue of Games World of Puzzles. You’ll find plenty to do in these pages.

Jennifer Orehowsky
Senior Editor



Discovering Japanese Logic Puzzles: Pentominous
The 12th in a series of columns featuring lesser-known Japanese logic puzzles
A or B?
A tricky true-or-false trivia quiz
Off the Bookshelf: Escape Room Logic Puzzles
A review of the new book by Francis Heaney and Scott Weiss, plus a sample puzzle
Getting Plugged In…To PAX Unplugged
A first-time attendee’s experience at Philadelphia’s PAX Unplugged game convention
This Old Game: COPS
Vintage games from the collector’s closet
Board to Death
A review of a new mystery for game geeks


Wild Cards
A potpourri of amusing little puzzles for your solving pleasure
Contest: Shelf Control
Contest Results: Directionally Challenged (from August)
Electronic Game Reviews
Tiny Connections, Dune: Imperium
Tabletop Game Reviews
Iki: A Game of Edo Artisans, That’s Not a Hat


    • Clue Banks
    • Code Crosswords
    • Featured Creatures
    • Pencil Pointers
    • Rows Garden
    • T Formations
    • …and More!